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Hi Art Lovers! My name is Jewels (Julia) and was born and raised in Goulais River and live in the beautiful Bellevue Valley area. This picturesque valley is nestled between the Searchmont Mountains and Lake Superior - in Northern Ontario Canada. It was also a popular destination frequently visited and painted by the notorious Group of Seven. Swimming in the area's richness, running barefoot on dirt roads, climbing trees, riding horses bareback in the river, writing poetry, and sketching in the marsh, were my daily rituals. The smells, sounds, and images permeated my psyche calling me home. My humble earthy surroundings and deep connection with earth are the foundation, framework, and essence of my artwork. Best known for my sculptural, multimedia, monochromatic and interpretations of nature, themes of moons, talking trees, root systems, rippling streams, singing stones, the earth’s texture, energy, movement, and symbolic shapes will speak to you when you engage with my work. Drawn by my love and curiosity about the natural world I studied Fine Art and Psychology in order to deepen my knowledge and understanding of the world around me. My art reflects every moment, and every experience, all rooted in nature. The Universe's energy flows through me onto the canvas, revealing the divine within. I believe that art is the collaboration of the artwork, the artist, and the viewer. The message and composition are not intentional and lie within the unconscious. The viewers’ perceptions and emotions are subjective. Each work will have an individual meaning within its own relevant framing. Art is an experience that speaks its own language, a moment of magic and mystique.

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