Jewels is a Northern Ontario artist best known for her unique sculptural,

multimedia, and impasto interpretation of nature scenes - layered and entwined

with and an artists' eye and spirit. Jewels embeds organic material such as

Lake Superior driftwood, stones, leaves, birch bark and twigs bringing the

natural world into her pieces. Recently she is exploring how the permeance of

resin over her pieces not only enhances the colour,

it results in a glass-like timeless finish. 


Jewels was born and raised and still resides in Goulais River, nestled

between the Searchmont Mountains and Lake Superior. From an early age

Jewels developed a deep love and strong attachment to nature while scaling

water falls, riding her horses bareback in the river and neighboring fields

chasing the sandhill cranes, climbing the surrounding mountains, writing poetry

and sketching in the wetlands behind her home – all while absorbing earth's

energy, exploring and observing - swimming in the richness of the area,

as the textures, smells, sounds and images permeated her creative mind.

Voices of the earth, its energy and movement, symbolic and archaic shapes speak to you when you experience her creations. Jewels humble earthy surroundings and deep connection with earth are the foundation, framework and the essence of her artwork.

Drawn by her love of the natural world Jewels studied both Fine Art and Psychology in order to deepen her knowledge and understanding of the world around her. Jewel’s work reflects her connection and                                                    relationship with the Mother Nature, her many years of academic                                                                                     education, a life time of experimentation and observations – of every                                                                                     moment and every experience, all rooted in nature.

The Universe's energy flows through her onto the canvas, revealing

the divine which lies within. Jewels believes that art is the

collaboration of the artwork, the artist and the viewer.

The message and composition are not completely intentional and lies

within the unconscious.

The viewers’ perceptions and emotions are subjective.

Each work will have an individual meaning within its own relevant

framing. Art is an experience which speaks its own language,

a moment of magic and mystique. 



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