Turn your third eye inward

Thoughts of the day - Today I am revamping my bio to frame and put in the places where my work hangs. As a developing artist, we must stay true to ourselves. However tempting it is to speak to inspirations and places that are popular, if you have not taken the train to where the Group of Seven have painted, explored and connected with Lake Superior where she is lives in your bones, endured the harsh elements of country living in north Ontario, it can come across inauthentic, as though you are riding the shirt tales of other local artists from the area. I was offered great advice from my mentor when it came to writing – “Turn your eye inward” - speak to the things you know in your heart and soul. I could never truly speak about Lake Huron's beauty - even though I have boated on it a few times, living by St. Mary’s river listening to the freighters go by -even though I have stayed in town, the smells and sounds of the steel plant every morning, growing up on a reserve, in a noisy city or another province or country. Speak to what truly influences you, your developing and growing art, your inspiration at a deep level. No one can replicate that - it is authentically you!

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